Members of Community Christian Church share their talents in many ways, including serving leaders on The General Board. This is the governing body of the church and is responsible for setting the overall direction of the church within the framework of the Vision and Mission of the church. The General Board supports the work of the church’s boards, councils, and committees, collectively known as the Ministries Council. The General Board consists of the following:

The Chair of the General Board

Who calls and presides at all regular or special meetings of the General Board and of the congregation.

The Vice‑chair of the General Board

Who assumes the duties of the chair in his/her absence; and serves as a member of the Finance Committee and as the chair of the Ministries Council.

The Recording Secretary of the General Board

Who takes, publishes, and keeps the minutes of all meetings of the General Board; receives written reports submitted to the General Board and adds them to the permanent file; and maintains the official records of the church.

The Board of Elders – two (2) representatives

At-large – two (2) representatives

The Board of Trustees – one (1) representative

The Ministries Council – three (3) representatives

The Finance Committee – one (1) representative

At-Large – two (2) representative

Ex Officio – Senior Minister