The Lord will hear when I call Him. – Psalm 4:3

Prayer works. At CCC, we have witnessed this truth time and time again, which is why we take prayer so seriously here. “I’m praying for you” isn’t some empty platitude; it’s a powerful promise! As Christians, when we pray, God listens.

CCC Prayer Wall

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CCC Prayer Wall

  • Praise for Victoria
    Lifting up in praise Victoria's arrival and the music ministry at CCC for our worship experiences!
  • Family prayer
    Prayers for my son, Tim, and his family
  • pet
    Please pray for a poor dachshund 14 years old. to be adopted from shelter T., tnx
  • Healing for Our Nation
    Please pray for God's hand to direct and heal our nation.
  • Mrs.
    Please add the Browe family and Kathi Clarey to the prayer list.
  • Prayers for Strength, Courage & Healing
    Please pray for Ryan, just diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.
  • All Struggling with Grief & Loss
    Please pray for comfort for all who are struggling emotionally during the holidays.
  • Frontline Workers
    Please lift up all front line workers continuing to provide care during the pandemic.
  • Prayers for Elaine
    Our former member, Lynda Grossman's mother was diagnosed with Covid. She lives in a nursing home.
  • Mr
    Please pray for a friend of mine’s father. He is suspected having colon cancer Waiting for surgery.
  • Mrs.
    Please pray for Kathi Clarey, who has stage 4 cancer.
  • Prayers Please
    Please pray for Audrey Houk
  • pet in danger
    Please pray for several people to offer a home to a poor little dog 10 years old, Thanks
  • Prayers for Healing
    Please pray for healing and recovery, post-surgery for Barry.
  • Prays for Healing
    Please pray for Ellen Asselmeier as she undergoes a procedure today for a pacemaker.
  • Pray for Kay Severns
    Please lift up Kay for healing and strength as she recovers from her heart procedure.
  • Alan
    Continued healing and strength
  • Bruce
    Please pray for his Stamina and health
  • Tina
    Prayers for healing and strength
  • Prayers for Healing & Recovery
    Please lift up Catherine R. as she undergoes surgery for hip repair.
  • animal charity
    Please help the pet charity I.. to get the money to pay the food bills. thanks
  • Prayers for Jahsun McNeil
    My co-worker's son who is African-American and has been recently harassed by the police.
  • Pray for Our Nation
    Pray for the light of Christ to reign, overcoming darkness and evil throughout our land.
  • Giving Thanks
    Please lift up God's servants who are bringing hope and peace to others during this pandemic.
  • Praise Be to God
    Thanks be to God for His hand at work in forming the church leadership team for next year!
  • Peace & Comfort
    Please lift up the Stover Family for peace and comfort.
  • Prayer Requests from Innovation Task Force
    Please lift up Jim Severns, Don, Pat, Marilyn for healing. Pray for those with mental illness.
  • Prayers for Frontline Workers
    Please pray for Tearris and Tylis, children of my co-worker Sheryl, medical & essential staff.
  • Prayers for Recovery and Healing
    Please pray for Lois as she recovers from COVID-19.
  • More Prayers from Innovation Task Force
    Please pray for Danny, for those who have lost employment, and for reconnecting with old friends.
  • Pray for Sarah who is Ishmayel’s sister
    Pray for Sarah, Ishmayel’s sister, who is bleeding but can’t be treated by doctors due to Covid19.
  • Please Pray for Ishmayel’s cousin Vinay
    Vinay was confirmed positive Covid19 yesterday. He lives in India. Pls pray for his speed recovery
  • pet home
    please could you also pray for 2 poor cats to get a dopted. Thanks
  • Prayers from Innovation Task Force
    Please lift up Judy, Margie, Isaida, and Anne's family, for comfort and peace.
  • Pray for Grace
    I’ve been asked to pray for Grace who is a woman in Florida with Covid. Please join me in praying
  • Pray for Dr. Flory Dy
    May God give her comfort, peace and hope while she is moaning losses her husband last year to cancer
  • Elana & Michael
    Please pray for these medical professionals as they treat patients with COVID-19 at Glenbrook Hosp.
  • prayer for Ecclesia
    Please pray continually for sister Leigh who has been called to preach and the enemy is mad. Prayer
  • Pray for Linda
    Linda has the Corona Virus. She is friend of Barbara Gregory -- CCCer who moved to Green Lake
  • Prayers for Pat
    Please lift up Pat as he cares for a patient who tested positive with the corona virus.
  • Carol Hoffman
    Please pray for healing for Carol.
  • All First Responders & Loved Ones
    Lord, please protect all who are on the front lines battling the COVID-19 virus.
  • Healing
    Tyra & family
  • Safe Travels
    May Bryan and Teresa travel safely

Prayer in Worship

There are many opportunities for prayer during our Sunday morning services. We pray as a congregation out loud, the prayer Jesus taught his disciples: The Lord’s Prayer (Matt. 6:9-13). Prayer concerns are accepted and lifted up by name during both services. These names will be in the prayers of the ministers and elders for the following week.

Prayer Cards

Prayer cards can be found in the church pews. If you have a prayer concern or a joy write it on these cards and place them in the offering plate. You may choose for the prayer concern to be confidential (elders & ministers only), added to the short term prayer list or added to the long term prayer list. These cards are prayed for after worship by the elders and throughout the week. If you include an address we will send that person a card.

Short Term and Long Term Prayer Lists

We have two main prayer lists that help keep concerns in our hearts.

The short term prayer list is found on the back page of the Sunday worship bulletin. Names added to that list will appear for six consecutive weeks, after which, if there is need to continue, they will be moved to the long term prayer list.

Names on the long-term prayer list stay on the list for six months (deaths for one year).

Both lists are posted in Friendship Hall, sent to the elders and ministers each week and included in the Weekly Word and Monthly Newsletter. Names may be added to the prayer lists by submitting a blue prayer card during worship as well as by calling or emailing the church office.