Lincolnshire Yoga Bhoga at CCC

Lincolnshire Yoga Bhoga
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Lincolnshire Yoga BhogaLincolnshire Yoga Bhoga is a community first and foremost.  We come to practice together in a non competitive environment where we can experience a connection both on the mat and off.  Along the way we build a true sense of overall well being through our physical practice, our ability to turn inward and learn about ourselves and the opportunity to slow down and get quiet for a bit in this often noisy and very fast paced world.  Our teachers are all certified and fully committed to providing you with a safe environment where we may not always be able to touch our toes or stand on our heads, but where we are able to step out from behind our personal obstacles and open our hearts to the love and strength that lives in each and every one of us. ​Contact Laura Russo for more information

is sanskrit for Enjoyment or Delight. At Lincolnshire Yoga Bhoga we hope to experience some level of delight or enjoyment every time we gather to practice together.