Mission Trip Fundraising Plan

The estimated total cost of CCC’s 2018 Mission Trip for 20 participants is roughly $14,000. Our plan to raise the funds is as follows:

  1. We hold several group fundraisers:
    Soup Cookoff on December 3, 2017 – everyone hosts this event, serving soup to hungry donors who cast their vote for favorite soup with money.
    Crock-Pot Cook-Off on Palm Sunday, March 25 – your help is needed to serve up some tasty dishes from crock-pots – everything goes … soup, chili, breakfast, even dessert can be brought in Crock-Pots! Guests will vote for their favorite dish with their money.
    Bake Sale at Easter Egg Hunt on March 31 – we need many baked goods and ALL HANDS on deck for a grandest community event of the year!
    Dessert & Appetizer Auction on April 22 – everyone is needed to host this event and make/offer to make something for the auction. Guests will place bids at our live and silent auctions on the most delicious, creative, and beautiful sweets & savories in the land!
    Reception for Amy & Justin at Tamarak – Tentative – we’ll celebrate the marriage of Amy & Justin and raise money for MT2018TX! More details to come…
  2. Each participant is required to pay a $200.00.
  3. Each participant must raise another $300.00. Fundraisers need to be completed (funds collected) before May 31, 2018 or they need to pay the difference. Each participant may create their own fundraiser; it is not required, but highly encouraged! Find something unique and keep it simple; be sure to have a marketing plan to let everyone know about your fundraiser. Judy Mankus can help you publicize at church. Some ideas are described below.

Individual Fundraising Ideas

Restaurant Fundraising – Find a location and date, make a flyer and publicize to your friends, family and neighbors. Here is a site with Restaurant Fundraising Information. https://soapboxie.com/activism/restaurant-fundraising

Provide Services – Each participant can provide services to CCC members and friends, or even family and neighbors.  Some ideas for services: babysitting; yardwork; dog walking; baking/cooking; cleaning; performance/concert; etc. Services will be posted on the bulletin board. Please see Judy Mankus for procedures & supplies (cards, envelopes, and record of sale.) The provider is responsible for following up and making sure the job gets done before May 31, 2018.

Send Letters – You can ask for the support of others (family, teachers, friends & neighbors) by sending a personalized letter. Tap here for a template to use. Be sure to exchange your name for the words in red.

Serve in Honor – Serve in Honor – Go to Soup Kitchen for a donation, or PADS Lunch supplies & packing, etc. These will be posted on the bulletin board. Please see Judy Mankus for procedures & supplies (cards, envelopes, and record of sale.)

Loose Change Drive – Collect cheap recyclable plastic water bottles and have the congregation fill them up at home with loose change they acquire over a couple of months. Or for a shorter event, ask everyone to return to church the following week with all the loose change they can find at home – hold a competition and announce who found the most. (Participant is responsible for converting coin to paper currency!)

Duct Tape (or other crafts) Boutique – Make Duct Tape wallets. Look online for directions. Make lots of different color combinations, and Google search other things you can make out of duct tape, such as bags, jewelry, or flowers. Then sell the items at church or other youth events.

Procedure for Services & Serving in Honor

Each service offered will have three items:
1 – Card describing the service, suggested cost, provider’s name and contact information.
2 – Envelope for the donation with provider’s name, donor’s name and amount paid for the service.
3 –  Record of Sale for the provider, with service, donor’s name and contact information.

Provider will fill in the appropriate information (yellow boxes) on the pre-printed Card, Envelope, and Record of sale. These will be posted together on the youth bulletin board for the donor to choose from. The donor will keep the Card, fill out the Envelope and Record of Sale with their name, amount paid and form of payment (cash or check payable to CCC). Donor will leave Record of Sale on the bulletin board (or give to provider) and place payment into the envelope and put it in the offering plate for the Financial Secretary who will deposit the funds and keep a record for each participant.